WhatWldMrsweasleydo (wwmrsweasleydo) wrote in last_generation,

Got Any Recs?

Have you read any fic which you'd like to recommend to other readers? We'd love for you to come and do that at crack_broom one month.

We've got nobody signed up to rec any Snape/Lupin or Remus/Tonks. Next month is the last month for which we have a volunteer to rec Femmeslash. From November onwards Rarest Reccer, Gen and Threesomes are free. There's a new Cross Gen category, with free months from January onwards, and Remus/Sirius is empty from January onwards too. If you've got at least four fics to rec for one rarer pair, then why not sign up to take a 'Featured Pair' slot for January, February or March next year?

If you think you might like to spread the love of a pairing or category, then please have a look at the Big Queue and click a link to sign up for the 'broom' of your choice.

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