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Remus' Secret

Title: Remus' Secret (Chapters 1-13)

Author: lt_indigo

Word Count: 28k

Genre: Fluff, smut, angsty bits, touches of humour. You name it.

Warnings: Some chapters het and/or slash. They are marked as such.

Rating: MA

Timeline: Marauders' Era (1971-1977 currently)

Pairing: James/Lily, Sirius/OFC, Sirius/Remus

Summary: The Marauders discover Remus' biggest secret, and devise ways of helping him.

Disclaimer: Nowhere near rich or talented enough to be the goddess Jo. Any character you recognise, even vaguely, is not mine.

Author's Note: This is my first time posting to an HP community. I hope I've done it right, but please tell me if I've made an error.


Remus' Secret

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