F. P.-D. (Perlo-Diamanto) (thousands_roads) wrote in last_generation,
F. P.-D. (Perlo-Diamanto)

How the lucky ones learn

Title: How the lucky ones learn
Author: thousands_roads (road-to-jay)
The marauders, Lily Evans, Severus Snape (and others)
Rating: NC-17?
Warnings: There are different kinds violence (sexual violence included), "dirty words" from the second chapter on. So: trigger warning!
Notes: This first chapter is rather "normal" and more like a sweet prologue to make up for what comes next. Once it gets at least one review, I'll post the actual first chapter! :D

( Chapter I: 3AM - before the sun rises )
Tags: canon characters, james potter, james/lily, lily evans potter, marauders, marlene mckinnon, peter pettigrew, remus lupin, severus snape, sirius black
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