Pica Scribit (pica_scribit) wrote in last_generation,
Pica Scribit

A Night Off From the War (R/S/J/L smutfic)

Title: A Night Off From the War
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: James/Lily, Remus/Sirius, James/Lily/Remus/Sirius,
Characters: Lily, James, Remus, Sirius
Additional Tags: First War with Voldemort, Canon Compliant, Recreational Drug Use, Group Sex, Bi-Curiosity, First Time, Fellatio, Anal Fingering, Rimming, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Vaginal Sex, Friends With Benefits, Voyeurism, Explicit Consent, Friendship, Pregnant Sex
Summary: The war rages on. Lily and her friends need a break, and James has always been a little curious.... (June 1980)

Sirius sniffed his goblet. "Should you be experimenting with potions in your condition?"

"It's safe," she assured him. "I double-checked all the ingredients. I brewed it a little strong. This dose should give us a pleasant evening."

"I've heard this stuff can have ... interesting side effects," said Remus.

Lily could not hide a smile. "It can. But we're among friends here."

Sirius frowned suspiciously. "What side effects?"

"Euphoria elixir has a reputation for lowering inhibitions," Remus told him.

Sirius's eyebrows rose. "And we haven't tried it before now, why exactly?"
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