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Marauders-Era Fanfiction

Hogwarts: Classes of 1968-1988
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Fanfic and art featuring all Marauders-generation Hogwarts students
last_generation is an archive of fanfiction and fanart of all Marauders-generation Hogwarts students. All stories posted herein must focus on characters who would have been born between September 1949 and August 1970*. We are slash and het friendly, and welcome all ratings from kid-friendly to adult. Remember, folks, word of mouth is our best friend. If you read a story in another community that you think belongs here, let the author know! Looking for more places to post your Marauders-Era stories? Check our list of Marauders-generation LJ communities!

* ie, Hogwarts classes of 1968-1988

The Harry Potter Lexicon: Up-to-date info on all HP canon. An invaluable resource for fanfic writers.

FictionAlley.org: An archive of quality HP fanfiction. They have archives for any 'ship you can imagine.


1) Be polite. We are all decent, civilised people here, so let's try and act like it.

2) No quiz results. At all. This means you.

3) If you want to post large images, lots of small images, anything over 500 words, or anything with an R or NC-17 rating, please use an LJ cut and appropriate warnings.

4) If you liked something, say so! We all love the feedback.

5) Try to stay on topic.

Feel free to pimp related communities and websites, and suggest some more things to go under "interests".

Have fun!

Please use the following (or similar) format when posting:

Title: So-and-so and the Blah Blah Blah
Author: This means you
Summary: Here's what happens in this story without giving too much away.
Rating: The American rating system is by no means universal, but it provides some helpful guidelines.
- G/K: Fluffy bunnies and happy thoughts. All ages.
- PG/K+: Mild swearing and kissing and angst allowed. Ages 8+.
- PG-13/T: More swearing, mild violence, fooling around or references to sex. Ages 13+
- R/M: Lots of swearing, violence, and/or "onscreen" sex. Ages 17+.
- NC-17/M: Explicit sex and/or graphic violence. Adult audience only.
Pairings: Who is (or wants to be) with whom?
Other Characters: Anyone else who isn't paired.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and the wizarding world are the sole property of J.K. Rowling. I own nothing except my own ideas, and make no profit. No copyright infringement is intended. Please don't sue me.
Author's Notes: Blah blah, I love my beta, blah blah blah....